The Way We Meet Now

Grace Fellowship meets every Sunday based on the decisions made by the Elders considering the changing regulations made by the Government. Normally the schedule for the services is as follows:


08h30 First Morning Service

17h30 Evening Service

Changes to this schedule will be visible on the booking system that is described next.


You will need to book a seat at one of the services for each member of your household (not required for children under 2yrs). This is required before the services can be attended and is checked with the screening done on site.

Bookings can be done at

Bookings open at 6AM on Fridays.

You will have to check in no more than 90 minutes before the service on Sunday and answer a list of questions based on the Covid-19 regulatory requirements.

What about moms with infants?

A mother’s room is available for mothers and their breast-feeding infants. No men are allowed in the mother’s room. Due to space regulations only four mothers will be allowed in the mother’s room.

All other regulations need to be strictly adhered to on the campus (mask wearing is mandatory, social distancing and sanitizing). Buildings are ventilated in order to ensure fresh air circulation as much as possible.

Thank you for supporting these arrangements.