Regular Church Ministries



Group Topic Place Time
Children ages 4-18 Sunday School: Generations of Grace Church Sundays*, 10h30-11h30
Adults Bible Hour: Topical Church Sundays*, 10h30-11h30
Young Adults Spiritual Disciplines Church Bi-Weekly on Friday Evenings 18h00-20h00
Business Men Trusting God The Willows Wednesdays, 06h00-07h00
Adult Bible Study Matthew Church Wednesdays, 19h00-20h00
Ladies Ruth Pretoria East Thursdays, 09h30-11h30
Young Ladies When People are Big and God is Small Pretoria East Tuesdays, 18h30-20h00
Men of the Word 1 Timothy Church Usually Saturdays, 07h00-08h30

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These classes are offered at various times throughout the year. Please pay attention to the announcements and slideshow on Sunday or contact our church office for more details.

  • Baptism class
  • Evangelism class
  • Fundamentals of the Faith class
  • Membership class
  • Premarital class
  • Premarital-you-never-had class
  • Mother’s Parenting class


Grace School of Ministry

Grace School of Ministry (GSM) is a training school that provides continuing study opportunities in Christian ministry. Read more.


Shepherds’ Conference

The Shepherds’ Conference is a church leadership conference held each May to strengthen local churches in southern Africa. Read more.



At Grace Fellowship we have dedicated ourselves to planting and strengthening Bible-teaching churches in Southern Africa.

But now we are excited to announce that we have extended our geographical scope by sending one of our families to do church planting and Bible translation in Papua New Guinea.

We have sent out Ryan and Elna Mitchell, along with their two children, to join a team of missionaries currently working in the Finisterre Mountains of PNG, in a village called Mawerero.

Over the next two years the Mitchells will focus on gaining fluency in Tok Pisin (the lingua franca of PNG) and the Do language. A literacy program in Do has been developed and two groups have graduated in the village. Fluency in the Do language and an increased literacy level in the tribe has one goal: preparation for preaching and hearing the gospel. For the first time the Do people have a written language. Soon, the team will undertake a 3-4 month evangelism program for the village. Over these months they will teach from Genesis through the Gospels, bringing people to see their need for salvation and the hope that is in Christ alone. Following evangelism, the Mitchells will focus on strengthening the church and translating the Bible into Do.

Grace Fellowship has sent the Mitchells in collaborating with Finisterre Vision and Grace Bible Church, both in Arizona, USA. Many other churches in SA and the USA have partnered with the Mitchells and other families currently working in PNG, and for this we are thankful!

Please pray for the people of Mawerero and for the Mitchells and their teammates, and for the continued spread of the gospel in the Finisterre Mountains of PNG.

If you would like to support the Mitchells or stay up to date with their work, please visit
To find out more about church planting and Bible translation in the Finsiterre Mountains, please visit