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Who should take this course?
How is the course structured?
What does the course cost?
Will there be accommodation?
Where are the courses held?
Course outline and structure
What previous students have to say…

A life-changing, five-week modular course on the essentials of biblical counselling for all who want to learn more about how believers ought to counsel one another from the Scriptures. This course is based on the premise that Scripture is sufficient for all our emotional and spiritual needs and provides students with the necessary tools to use Scripture effectively in their own lives and in the lives of those they counsel.

Main teacher: Dr. Joel James

Adjunct teacher(s): Matt Viljoen; Steve Colin

Who should take this course?

This course is for pastors and committed lay people who want to learn to counsel from the Scriptures more effectively.

How is the course structured?

The course is structured according to a modular system. Each module is one week long (Monday to Friday, 08h00-17h00) and deals with a specific topic. The course is structured in this manner so that students can receive in-depth training in Biblical Counselling without interfering with their current ministries.

What does the course cost?

For the 2021-2022 course the cost for each week of classes is R950.00. Therefore, over two years, the total cost of the GSM counselling course is R4750.00 (five weeks in total, over two years). This includes course notes (provided in PDF format) and lunches. In addition to module costs, students will be required to purchase several textbooks. The cost of these books is around R1000 per module. The cost of prescribed books is NOT included in the module costs.

Note: Grace School of Ministry reserves the right to change module costs without prior notice.

Will there be accommodation?

Limited accommodation is available for students from outside the Pretoria/Johannesburg area. Preference is given to international students.

Where are the courses held?

Grace School of Ministry is situated at Grace Fellowship in Pretoria. See our Contact page for a map.

Course outline

The Biblical Counselling Course runs over two years. The classes run during the first full week of February, March and October over a two-year cycle (refer to example below). For example: The 2021-2022 Counselling Course will look as follows…


February: BIC110 – Fundamentals of Biblical Counselling
March: BIC120 – Theology of Biblical Counselling
October: BIC130 – Marriage Counselling


February: BIC210 – Parenting and other Counselling Topics
March: BIC220 – Counselling Topics, Observation, and Discussion

The following is a summary of the content of each module.

BIC110 Fundamentals of Biblical Counselling

This is a basic introduction to biblical counselling. Biblical counselling and its distinctive features are defined. The role of the counsellor, the place of counselling in church ministry, and various types of counselling are discussed. A comparison between biblical counselling and secular counselling models and theories is also studied.

BIC120 Theology of Christian Counselling

In this course students discuss the various theological truths that form the basis of biblical counselling. These include, the nature of God, man, sin, salvation, and progressive sanctification.”

BIC130 Marriage Counselling

In this module students are given an overview of general marriage counselling issues. Specific concerns, such as the husband/wife roles, conflict resolution, pre-marital counselling, and divorce and remarriage, are dealt with in detail.

BIC210 Parenting and other Counselling Topics

This module continues the theme of BIC130 and discusses a range of issues typical in marriage and family counselling, such as pre-marital, divorce, and financial counselling.

BIC220 Counselling Topics, Observation, and Discussion

Topics include anger, divorce, fear, depression, homosexuality, eating disorders, youth counselling, and crisis counselling. The final module of the two-year counselling course helps students apply all the skills they have acquired in the course of their studies. Videos of authentic counselling sessions are observed and then discussed. Students also participate in counselling sessions as counselor, counselee, and observer. These sessions encourage the practical application of biblical counselling principles.

Other Topics Covered During the Course

  • Hermeneutics and Counselling
  • Counselling from Proverbs
  • Spiritual Formations lab
  • Counselling from the Book of Job

What previous students have to say…

…If you are looking for a counselling course that truly upholds the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, a course taught with passion and affection, Grace School of Ministry is the place to go. This is not a course you can attend without your spiritual life and ministry being positively impacted.

—Pastor Choolwe Mwetwa (Zambia)

As a pastor who has been in pastoral ministry for 18 years, I heartily commend the Grace School of Ministry Biblical Counselling course. I have used Wayne Mack´s book, Strengthening Your Marriage for many years. Knowing his love for Scripture and excellent application, I did not hesitate to sign up for the course when he arrived in SA. Why has the course impacted my life and ministry? It has exposed the deficiencies of the pseudo-Christian methodology that many of us have unwittingly adopted in our counselling. It has personally challenged areas in my own life and marriage, grounded me more in the Scripture and demonstrated how relevant and practical the Bible is in providing solutions for every problem in a Christian’s life. It has given me more confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture and can be implemented in both the preaching and counselling dimensions of a pastor&undefined;s ministry. I heartily endorse it and encourage anyone involved in seeking to help people biblically, to enrol. Both you and your church will be blessed through it!

—Roland Eskinazi (Pastor of The International Baptist Church of Brussels, Brussels)

This programme provided me with a framework from where all counselling situations can be approached. After attending this course I have greater respect for the Word of God and its sufficiency in correcting lives gone wrong and to instruct those lives in righteousness. For the first time in my ministry I feel equipped to approach every counselling situation with confidence. I was freed from the sole responsibility to bring change in people’s lives. Through the use of homework the counselee is assisted to apply God’s Word in his own situation.

—Ds. Piet Hattingh (Dutch Reformed Church, Middelburg, Mpumalanga)

Somewhere during the classes, I forgot that I came to learn how to help other people. I found myself being the counselee, being helped tremendosly….I found it life-changing, marriage-changing, parenting-changing and ministry-changing

—Pastor Jannie Vosloo (Parys, Orange Free State)

If what you are looking for is a good biblical and God-glorifying counselling course, then you have found it here. This course reaffirmed the authority and sufficiency of the Scriptures in my life and in the life of counselees

—Pastor Michael Bwenbya (Zambia)


Some video interviews have also been done by a team who have helped with teaching at GSM in the past. They were sent from Faith Baptist Church in Lafayette in the USA. These testimonials can be viewed on their missions site.

A short  explanation of the GSM counseling course can be viewed here (also courtesy of Faith Baptist Church).